Class: TDrawSelector

JSROOT. TDrawSelector

new JSROOT.TDrawSelector()

Selector class for TTree::Draw function



call this function to abort processing

inherited AddBranch(branch, name)

Add branch to the selector

Either branch name or branch itself should be specified Second parameter defines member name in the tgtobj If selector.AddBranch("px", "read_px") is called, branch will be read into selector.tgtobj.read_px member

Name Type Description
branch string

name of branch (or branch object itself}

name string

member name in tgtobj where data will be read

inherited abstractBegin(tree)

function called before start processing

Name Type Description
tree object

tree object

inherited abstractProcess(entry)

function called when next entry extracted from the tree

Name Type Description
entry number

read entry number

inherited abstractTerminate(res)

function called at the very end of processing

Name Type Description
res boolean

true if all data were correctly processed