Class: TAttFillHandler

JSROOT. TAttFillHandler

new JSROOT.TAttFillHandler(args)

Handle for fill attributes.

Name Type Description
args object

different arguments to set fill attributes

Name Type Default Description
kind number 2 optional

1 means object drawing where combination fillcolor==0 and fillstyle==1001 means no filling, 2 means all other objects where such combination is white-color filling


Apply fill style to selection

Change(color, pattern, svg, color_as_svg)

Method to change fill attributes.

Name Type Description
color number

color index

pattern number

pattern index

svg selection

top canvas element for pattern storages

color_as_svg string optional

color as HTML string index

Returns true if color not specified or fill style not specified

Returns fill color (or pattern url)


Check if solid fill is used, also color can be checked

Name Type Description
solid_color string optional

when specified, checks if fill color matches

Set fill style as arguments


Set solid fill color as fill pattern

Name Type Description
col string

solid color