Namespace: TreeMethods

JSROOT. TreeMethods


staticJSROOT.TreeMethods.Draw(args, result_callback)

this is JSROOT implementation of TTree::Draw

Name Type Description
args object

different setting or simply draw expression

Name Type Default Description
expr string

draw expression

cut string optional

cut expression (also can be part of 'expr' after '::')

drawopt string optional

draw options for result histogram

firstentry number 0 optional

first entry to process

numentries number optional

number of entries to process, all by default

branch object optional

TBranch object from TTree itself for the direct drawing

result_callback function

function called when draw is completed

staticJSROOT.TreeMethods.Process(selector, args)

Process selector

Name Type Description
selector object

instance of JSROOT.TSelector class

args object

different arguments